Drupal Camp North East

10 (plus extra) UX Changes for Every Drupal Site

3 August 2014

Drupal is great, but UX wise, there are a few issues with it out of the box. I addressed these in my Drupal Camp North East talk.


How To Livetweet Conferences (in 2014)

6 July 2014

I’ve been tweeting from conferences since 2009. Here’s some tips if you want to livetweet yourself.

UX Scotland

UX Scotland: Lightning Talks

22 June 2014

The talks at the end of Day 1 of UX Scotland ranged from fear and loathing in London to doing UX in startups.

David Sloan

Design Thinking For Accessible User Experiences, David Sloan

22 June 2014

David Sloan went in-depth into considering accessibility, going from screen readers to accessibility design maturity to…moustaches?

Abi Reynolds

The Right Tool for the Job, Abi Reynolds

21 June 2014

Abi Reynolds spoke methodologies, UX research and emotional commitment to football based on her work at betting company Paddy Power.

Tin Kadoic

Tin Kadoic, Foraging for Creativity

21 June 2014

Tin Kadoic went foraging into the thought processes of great chefs to find tips for creativity in UX.

Joshua Marshall

Joshua Marshall, Digital Services and Accessibility

21 June 2014

His twitter handle is @partiallyblind, so it’s no surprise that Joshua Marshall is a strong advocate for accessibility. Luckily, GDS takes this seriously.

Aras Bilgen

Time is Money: Managing Financial Clients, Aras Bilgen

21 June 2014

Aras Bilgen drew on his experience in a consultancy for financial services to share what he’s learnt when it comes to being a UXer dealing with financial services.

Teaching the Elephant in the Room to Dance

Teaching the Elephant in the Room To Dance, Lorraine Patterson and Mike Jefferson

21 June 2014

It’s tough being an ‘innie’. Lorraine Patterson and Mike Jefferson spoke of doing agile inhouse.

Shortening the Goalposts

Shortening the Goalposts, Chris Clarke

21 June 2014

Chris Clarke’s talk about the Guardian football website was very much about the little team that could. If only England were so plucky.

Richard Ingram

Mapping the Way Forward, Richard Ingram

21 June 2014

Richard Ingram spoke at UX Scotland about the politics and purpose of maps, and how they can be used to surface UX issues stakeholders are unaware of.

Eewei Chen

Stupid Is As Stupid Does, Eewei Chen

20 June 2014

Eewei Chen kicked off UX Scotland with notes on changing habits, addictive experiences, and conference calls in real life